George Merwin Outdoor Education Grant

George Merwin Outdoor Education Grant

TO:                Rogers Public School Principals and Teachers

 FROM:       Rogers Public Education Foundation

 RE:                George Merwin Outdoor Education Grant Applications


In his will, local outdoor enthusiast George Merwin left a portion of his estate to the Rogers Public Education Foundation with the directive that the money should “provide teacher grants in the area of outdoor education.” Mr. Merwin was passionate about sailing and water safety, and he annually opened his boat dock and its facilities to student groups.  He encouraged all people—young and old—to be active outdoor participants. 


This application should be used for the George Merwin Outdoor Education Grant (established in 2015, the Merwin Grant).  One Merwin Grant will be awarded annually, up to $30,000.  The winner(s) will be announced in March.


Projects supported by this grant should:

 • Support educators and students working to increase student participation in active outdoor education.

 • Create meaningful connections to the outdoor world.


Money received through this grant:

 • Must be spent by June 1 of the year in which the grant is awarded.  If the grant recipient determines he/she will not move forward with the original project request, the money granted shall be returned to the Merwin Grant Account.

 •If there has been a price decrease for supplies/equipment requested, the teacher must return the excess funds to the account.  If there has been a price increase for supplies/equipment requested, the recipient needs to reach out to the Foundation to request additional funds before June 1 of the award year.

 * In addition, a review process has been incorporated into the grant awards.  Applicants should be prepared to show documentation of the use of funds and to provide a review of the project implementation through print, photos, and/or video.


Before applying, you may want to become familiar with the grant application. This is a planning copy only of the grant application; it is not intended to be submitted: George Merwin Outdoor Education Grant Application 17-18 - Google Forms.pdf

Step One is to get grant application approval by submitting this brief request to your building principal.  Once approved the request goes to district for approval and the requester will be notified by email if approved or declined.  District Grant Approval Request
This fund is to be used to provide grants for activities or materials that cannot be funded from other sources.  Grants cannot be used to fund regular classroom equipment, entertainment, field trips, food, playground equipment, or regular instructional materials.

Step Two is to apply.  The application deadline is December 1,  at 4:00 p.m.   Applications are to be submitted electronically using this link: MERWIN APPLICATION 18-19

For questions about the status of the grant application contact Danya Scheiderer, Grants Director. 


Approved applications will be submitted from the district administration office.


Thank you for your interest in providing quality education for all students in Rogers Public Schools.