The mission of the Rogers Public Schools Grants Department is to provide support services for students, families, and staff through special grant initiatives which will increase and enhance the academic opportunities for all students; build capacity for partnerships between families, schools, and our community; raise the quality of professional development and instruction;  and ultimately result in improved student achievement.

 Grant Writing Procedures


STEP 1.  Complete and submit a District Grant approval request.docx

  • District Grant approval is to ensure that project fits within the philosophy of the district and is allowable
  • Download the District Grant Approval form and submit to your principal
  • Principals will then send approved requests to Dr. Virginia Abernathy for approval  
  • Requests will be emailed back to teacher and copied to principal

Things to consider when preparing and submitting grant applications. 

  • Review and follow all instructions.  
  • Proofread, and ask someone else to review for clarity, accuracy, spelling, math calculations, etc.  
  • Plan ahead to meet the deadline.  
  • Applications may require financial/tax information, data,  etc. from various departments. Allow enough time to gather this information.  Also plan needed time to get approval from principals, district personnel, etc. 

See the  Technology Equipment List for estimated prices of approved technology equipment.
Good luck!

of the status of your application, whether awarded or declined.

  • If awarded the grant, send a copy of the awards notification  to  the principal, the building fiscal agent, and the District  Grant Director.
  • The building fiscal agent (secretary or principal) should also include a copy of the awards notification with the receipt of funds to the district finance department to assist with coding, etc.


  • Grant applications must be approved before submission
  • Funds must be deposited in school accounts, no purchases can be made without proper approvals
  • Do NOT spend personal funds, you will NOT be reimbursed
  • Awards monies may only be spent as outlined in the grant
  • Reporting and evaluation is the responsibility of the recipient
  • A copy of the awards letter and the check must be sent to the District Grant Director for amounts of $20,000 or greater
  • Contact Jacque White for fund code assistance
  • Maintain accurate expenditure records of all grant funds
  • Collect and provide data to the grantee, such as measures of anticipated outcomes, photographs and experiences of students as a result of the grant activity, etc.
  • Meet grant reporting deadlines
  • Send a letter or note of thanks to the grantee letting them know how much you and your students benefited from use of the grant funds


When planning a Grant

A grant is support, generally financial, to help an individual, group, agency, entity, etc. to carry out the work of the grant agency.   If the goals of the grant request do not match the priorities and vision of the granting agency, success in getting the project funded is unlikely.  When planning a grant application be sure to develop these considerations:

Concept:  How does this project fit into the philosophy and mission of your organization and statement of need?

Program:  Provide a brief description of the project including the timetable for the project, anticipated outcomes and measurements, staffing and volunteer needs.

Expenses:  What are the estimated budget costs?  Sketch out a broad outline of the budget costs.

Grant Award Guidelines
  1. Anything purchased with grant money is the property of RPS, never the property of the person submitting the grant.
  2. Anything purchased with grant money that is physically attached to a specific school (such as a Smart Board) remains with the school originally receiving the grant.  Such items may not be removed by the teacher for use in a different building. 
  3. If a grant is specific to a school in that it applies to a program specific to that school, anything purchased with money from that grant remains with the school receiving the grant.
  4. If a grant is teacher specific and for instructional materials, applies to something unique that specific teacher will be teaching, or how they will teach students then: 
  • If the teacher moves to another school and will teach the same subject/content that the grant was targeted to, then anything purchased for use within the grant will go with the teacher to the new school.
  • If the teacher moves to another school and will not teach the same subject/content, then anything purchased for use through the grant will remain at the school where the grantee teacher originally worked and received the grant and will be available to the replacement teacher, or other teachers in the original school.
Mrs. Danya Scheiderer
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Title:  Executive Director Curriculum and Instruction / District Grants Director