*Technology Expectations for Educators

Technology Expectations for Educators

Our goal is to support students in their performance of the standards through transforming instruction with the integration of technology.

               Common Core Student Technology Expectations by Grade Level PPT                       
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Domain Expectations for Educators
  • Use the Internet to produce and publish writing and/or materials (i.e. teacher created examples or instructional materials), as well as interact and collaborate with others
  • Create multimedia presentations including images, audio, text, tables, and charts
  • Create audio recordings
  • Evaluate the use of visual and multimedia elements to convey overall meaning in order to impact an audience
Interactive Technologies
  • Use technology including online tools such as calculators, experiments, simulations, interactive maps, reference tools and content specific programs to solve real-world and content related problems
Internet Search and Retrieval
  • Practice, model, and teach Internet Safety and Responsibility
  • Perform advanced searches to refine search results
  • Save a variety of media/resources
  • Assess the credibility and accuracy of sources, correctly cite, and integrate the information while avoiding copyright or plagiarism
  • Read and respond to communication
  • Use electronic grading and record keeping
  • Analyze student data to evaluate the effectiveness of instructional practices
Word Processing
  • Use formatting to aid in comprehension (fonts, spacing, margins, page setup, tabs, alignment)
  • Highlight text from a passage
  • Use keyboarding skills accurately and efficiently
File Management
  • Use electronic file management for organization (create a folder, save & retrieve a file, click & drag, copy & paste)
  • Basic Navigation of operating system(s) (Windows or iOS) for the devices available