Administrative Meetings

August 2014-- BloomBoard Resources
November 2014--Creating PARCC Style Learning Activities
December 2014---BloomBoard Resources: Part 2
February 2015---YouTube Channels
April 2015--- Nearpod Presentations

November -- Outlook Email Update Handout
February-- 2014 FETC BrainPop Educators & Quixey
February--2014 FETC Leadership Presentation
August 2012---Technology Expectations for Educators 
September 2012--- BYOD in the Learning Process    PowerPoint File           App List
October 2012---PENDA Smart Notebook File            PDF File
November 2012---Booksource: Classroom Organizer Smart Notebook File  
December 2012--Google Update
January 2013---iTunesU & RPS Smart Notebook File
February 2013--Droid Apps for Teaching and Learning   PPT    Handout (Word)
May 2013 -- Save Early, Save Often (Open in Chrome if youhave a problem)

September 2011---Internet Safety web resources
October 2011---Online Parent Accounts Smart Notebook File          PowerPoint File
November 2011---"New to Us" Searches PDF
December 2011---RPS iDevice & Apps Procedures Smart Notebook File     PowerPoint File
January 2012---RPS Social Media Guidelines
February 2012---Khan Academy Smart Notebook File                     PowerPoint File 
March 2012 - On-line Resources  PowerPoint
April 2012---Technology Integration Presentation by Stephanie Harper and Jane Keen     Prezi       LiveBinder     PPT
September 2010
October 2010
November 2010---Transforming Technology PowerPoint
December 2010---SMART Technologies in the Classroom Notebook File           SMART Technologies PowerPoint
January 2011
February 2011
March 2011---Learn 360 SMART Notebook File               Learn 360 PowerPoint
April 2011 - iTunes U Smart Notebook File                      iTunes U PowerPoint          iTunes Handout
May 2011---K-2 Common Core SMART Notebook File      K-2 Common Core PowerPoint