Language Arts

Lesson PlanMaking Connections (K-garten) MS Word submitted by D. Goff (3-day GANAG lesson plan using Knuffle Bunny and Knuffle Bunny, Too to compare and contrast)
Lesson- Making Connections (K-garten) PPT submitted by D. Goff (Day 3 PPT  for Knuffle Bunny and Knuffle Bunny, Too lesson)

Lesson PlanWriting: Strong Lead (5th grade) MS Word submitted by R. Simpson (This is the GANAG lesson plan and handouts from Chapter 3 of Hooked on Meaning by Barry Lane. This is the "Ba-Da-Bing" Lesson.)
Lesson- Writing: Strong Lead (5th grade) PPT R. Simpson (PPT which goes with GANAG lesson plan above)

LessonWriting: Personification (3rd-5th grade) PPT  R. Finley
new 11/13/11 LessonVocabulary: (3rd-5th grade) PPT R. Finley

new 11/2/11 LessonReading: Asking and Answering Questions (Kindergarten)PPT J. Kirkland
Smart Notebook LessonAsking and Answering Questions submitted by J. Kirkland

new 11/15/11 LessonReading: Asking and Answering Questions part 2 (Kindergarten)PPT J. Kirkland
Smart Notebook LessonAsking and Answering Questions part 2 submitted by J. Kirkland

new 11/2/11 LessonReading: Singular Pronouns (1st grade ESOL)PPT I.Davis
Scoring Sheet- Student Scoring Sheet (1st grade ESOL) MS Word submitted by I.Davis

new 11/22/11 LessonReading: Using Old Information to Help You Learn New Information PPT S. Henderson


LessonGrowing Patterns (2nd grade) PPT S. Lane and D. Crutchfield
Scoring Sheet- Student Scoring Sheet (2nd grade) MS Word submitted by S. Lane

Lesson- Measurement Tools (1st grade) PPT L. Eide

LessonCGI Problem Solving (1st grade) PPT C. Scott

new 11/2/11 LessonGroups of Ten(1st grade)PPT K.Bookout and J. Felts


LessonThe Water Cycle (4th grade) PPT L. Padilla and A. Trombley



Lesson Opportunuities for Feedback: Pythagorean Theorem PPT submitted by N. Copeland