Finding Solutions

If you have a concern, please let us know how we can help you resolve the problem. We encourage you to talk to your child's teacher or principal first if it is a matter regarding individual student grades, report cards, discipline, school rules or other similar matters.

If you continue to have questions and concerns, please feel free to contact Dr. Virginia Abernathy, the Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning, or an  Assistant Superintendent of General Administration, Charles Lee for grades 6-12 and Sharla Osbourn for grades K-5, to discuss the matter. Our superintendent, Dr. Marlin Berry, is also happy to help find a solution to any problems you may be experiencing. These administrators can all be reached at 479-636-3910. 


 School  Principal Telephone 
Bellview Dan Cox 631-3605
Darr Leah Padilla 248-2008
Eastside Robin Wilkerson 631-3630 
 Fairview Laura Quillen 631-3524
Garfield Stephen Bowman 359-3263
Grimes Susan Bush 631-3660 
Hill Christina Meister 631-3670
Jones Budd Smith 631-3535
Lowell Shannon Passmore 631-3610
Mathias Korienne Toney 631-3530
Northside Anita Turner 631-3650
Old Wire Shana Maxey 631-3510
Reagan Matthew Howard 631-3680
Tillery Katie Mays 631-3520
Tucker Traci Hensley 631-3561
Westside Amy Putnam 631-3640
Elmwood Molly Davis 631-3600
Kirksey Jeremy Yates 631-3625
Lingle Mary Elmore 631-3590
Oakdale Dr. Jeff Hernandez 631-3615
Heritage HS Jim Davis 631-3579
New Tech HS Dr. Lance Arbuckle 631-3621
Rogers HS Dr. Lewis Villines 636-2202
Pre-K Cathy Davis 631-3572
Crossroads Matt Cook 631-3690